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They May Look Alike, but they don't behave alike

When you scan a standard QR code you are taken to a web page...that's it. You saved typing.
With a ScanMite™ QR code, you get much more.

With the ScanMite™ Mobile App, you get these features with all QR Codes:

  • Quick scanning
  • History of all scans
  • An email with the same link that was scanned as well as a link to the QR Code owner for contact information.  This allows you to view from the comfort of your home PC or laptop automatically … and then archive as needed for permanent storage within your web mail.

As a ScanMite™ QR Code customer, you get:
  • Two-way introductions - your customers have your web site and contact information and you can reach out to them to offer your services.
    *  Subscribed businesses are also offered specially programmed ScanMite™ QR Codes suitable for business cards that also work as an electronic form of swapping contact information … without even having to forfeit your business card.  People just have to scan and then you both have each others email address….and phone number if they choose.

What ScanMite™ doesn't do:
  • We are a highly ethical company so we have a zero tolerance of abuse.
  • Your contact information NEVER goes beyond the consumer and merchant.
*  We NEVER sell any information.  We are marketing a trusting working relationship and a fresh approach to using technology for today's active people.  Trust is more important than the mighty dollar.
*  Activity is NEVER distributed beyond the QR Code owner and the user.  Other owners or other users will never receive any activity information.
*  To help us pay for all these services, we have appropriate advertisement banners on the bottom of the consumer-side email notifications.  The advertiser does not receive any contact information, activity, or usage information.  These banners are just like any other banner; you click on them to visit their site and the special they are advertising.  ScanMite™ may receive compensation as an affiliate, but we do not know who or what activity was performed.  So ScanMite™ activity and activity with our advertisers are two separate realms and no one is aware of the other.  



ScanMite™, as with most large endeavors, began with the simple seed of an idea which one of our crew had while visiting a local museum. That evening, the seed was nourished. The beginning roots of ScanMite™ were formed at the very same location as other such august creations as the wheel, music, cooked food and the Bronze Age … the campfire. 

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